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Coaching, software and process for adopting machine learning (ML) & artificial intelligence (AI).

ML Evaluation

Size up your data resources and learn how to leverage the latest in machine learning technology.

ML Planning

Understand your data and its predictive power before investing in technology and engineering.

ML Development

Discover and leverage proven methods to power your predictions.

ML Adoption

Manage technology adoption from initial deployment through maintenance.


Get a business advantage by learning about AI & ML.

Is your data prediction-worthy?

Test your data for its predictive power. Use our online tool to understand your data better. Launching online soon.

A primer on machine learning

No math required! A complete beginners guide to the applications of machine learning in business decisions.

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Let us discover what your data can accomplish together.

Our Process

A proven methodology for AI & ML success.

  • Phase 1

    Business Goals Review

    Establish the predictions you would like to make using AI & ML.

  • Phase 2

    Data Health Analysis and Augmentation

    Understand the state of your current data. Fill in the blanks and build confidence in your core data.

  • Phase 3

    Establish Predictive Power

    Understand and profile the most predictive parts of your data.

  • Phase 4

    Test Algorithms, Deploy and Adopt

    Evaluate various predictive models and roll out to your team.

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About Our Leadership

Experience makes all the difference.

John Marcus III


John Marcus III is the founder of RazorFuse LLC. Previously, John co-founded Bedrock Data and served as CEO of the business. Prior to that, John held multiple roles in operations and sales management at HubSpot (NYSE: HUBS).

As an entrepreneur and machine learning practitioner, John has a passion for helping companies design, deploy and adopt strategic systems across marketing, sales, and support.

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